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  1. MVA Kit

    1. Used for Manual Aspiration procedure (Medical termination of pregnancy) 2. Made from medical grade polypropylene 3. Kit consists of MTP Syringe, Karman Cannula, lubricating oil 4. The MTP Syringe provides high vacuum suction during abortion procedure 5. Smooth cannula with rounded tip and smooth eyes for atraumatic canniulation 6. Available in single valve and double valve syringe 7. Karman Cannula available separately as well in size 4mm 12mm
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  2. Umbilical Catheter

    1. Used to access the umbilical vessels of pre-mature or newly born babies 2. Made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC 3. Smooth round tip for atraumatic insertion and well-finished surface facilitate smooth passage in the vein 4. Markings at every cm to ascertain depth of insertion, radio opaque line ascertain position during scans 5. Proximal end provided with Luer female connecter for easy connection to the I.V. therapy equipment
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  3. Mucus Extractor

    1. Used for aspiration of secretion from oropharynx in newly born babies 2. Made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC 3. Transparent chamber for visual examination of the content 4. Round open tip for atraumatic intubation, and proximal end with funnel connecter for easy connection to the suction equipment 5. Optional: available with filter and without filter models
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  4. Delivery Kit

    1. Complete solution for clinicians in normal and Caesarian delivery procedures 2. Ensures safe child birth in case of unassisted deliveries in rural areas 3. Standardized / Customized kits available
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  5. Umbilical Cord Clamp

    1. Used for clamping the umbilical cord of newly born babies 2. Made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC 3. Permanent locking system to prevent clamp reopening 4. Finger grip to facilitate easy holding and locking of the clamp
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