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  1. Microporous Paper Tape

    1. The Sterimed microporous tape (Paper Tape) is made from microporous, non-woven acrylic fabric. 2. The Sterimed microporous tape (Paper Tape) is safe to use as it is uniformly coated with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant adhesive. It is suitable on sensitive body parts, for infants as well as adults. 3. The Sterimed microporous tape (Paper Tape) is also easy to peel off without causing discomfort or skin irritation. 4. High porosity of the microporous tape (Paper Tape) allows skin to breathe, and offers high resistance to water and vapour that prevents the microporous tape from peeling off. 5. The Sterimed microporous tape (Paper Tape) is manufactured as per the British Pharmacopia (BP) guidelines.
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  2. Silicone Gel Tape

    We are committed to distribute an extensive range of Silicone Gel Tape. It is easy to fixed in the tape dispenser. This tape is made with a silicon material and modern tools. It is transparent for sealing and insulating purposes. It is used in healthcare, engineering, aerospace and other industries. Silicone Gel Tape is water and moisture resistance. It doesnt leave any residue when removed. It is easy to bind due to its non-flammable texture.
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  3. Plast Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    1. Made from superior highly quality woven cloth with special porus adhesive permeable to air and moisture 2. Used to support a weak joints as a stretch compression bandage in clinical and veterinary setting 3. 100% Latex Free coating, No latex allergies and skin irritation 4. Available in different size options
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  4. Porousplast Woven Zinc Oxide Surgical Tape

    1. Used for dressing and general medical applications 2. Made from cotton blended fabric 3. Uniformly coated with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant adhesive 4. Easy to peel off without causing discomfort or skin irritation 5. Thermo sensitive adhesive activates better when it comes in contact with warm human skin 6. Manufactured as per British Pharmacopia (BP) United State Pharmaeopia (USP) guidelines
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  5. Transpore Plastic Surgical Tape

    1. Made from perforated plastic film for good breathability 2. Uniformly coated with hypoallergenic adhesive 3. Strong adhesion water resistant 4. Painless removal 5. Perfect bidirectional tearing
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